Dr. Anjali Dhengle has earned a master’s degree in psychiatric social work and a doctoral degree in social work. With more than fourteen years of experience, she is proficient in individual and group interventions and counseling through a client-centered approach. She is meticulously trained in many therapeutic paradigms, like solution-focused therapy and interpersonal therapy (IPT). She specializes in short-term counseling, using a six-session model.

She has worked with a variety of organizations and different age groups—adolescents, elderly people, and difficult families that require psychosocial support. She also engaged with clients from a wide range of occupations including corporate executives, administrative officers, educators, and students.

She provides in-depth consultation on a variety of situations involving adolescent crises, parental dilemmas in taking care of adolescents, and relationship issues. She is an excellent life coach and mentor to millennials (individuals born between 1981–1996), and to Gen Z (individuals born between 1997 and 2012).

She has also been an active supporter and advocate of LGBTQ+ rights in India.  She has an apt and balanced way to conduct mental health counseling for LGBTQ+ individuals. Her understanding and approaches are based on a three-pillar model that addresses psychoeducation, the creation of empathetic dialogues, and advocating LGBTQ+ rights and pride through positive psychology and resilience.

Moreover, she has strong skills in coordinating workshops on various subjects related to mental health and networking with multiple stakeholders to bring resources to facilitate clients’ needs. As a trainer, she is a skilled communicator, an efficient orator, and well-versed with training aids to satisfy the learning needs of the audience.

Dr Anjali has excellent knowledge of English, Hindi, and Marathi.